This long-awaited text presents the art and science of violin repair in a manner so clear in its concept and so unambiguous in its language that it is as enjoyable to read as it is informative. This book should rapidly become a vital reference work for violin makers everywhere.
September 1989 Newsletter The Violin Society of America

My congratulations for a marvelous publication – an enormous contribution to our trade -detailed and thorough in every aspect of violin restoration – artwork and photography outstanding! Helmuth Keller, Philadelphia

It is a very impressive and thorough work and so superbly illustrated! Thank you for making such a valuable resource available to the violin world. Amos Hargrave

As a professional technical writer, I appreciate the quality of the writing.
Chris Burt, Microsoft

Mr. Mijares looked up from the cello he was working on. “Let me show you something” he said. From the very top of his bookshelf, he handed me a large volume and said, “I never begin a repair without first consulting this book. Usually, I find a better way to do it than the way I was trained. Although I certainly don’t mind answering your questions, you need this book.”
Letter of Jerry Page

I had hesitated to purchase the book sooner because the price seemed high to me. After a quick r